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State of Anarchy is a Roblox game developed by DEV_DUDES.

Developers: Elyeuss, Midknightmare, SimplyRekt, and BusyCityGuy.


State of Anarchy is a FPS (First Person Shooter) on ROBLOX. State of Anarchy is a mild mix between the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games and Escape from Tarkov. In this game, your only current focus is, getting guns and killing. The game is still under development and new things are being added as you read this. The premise of the game is to Seek and Destroy anyone and anything you see. You can find guns in boxes, crates, safes, and gun cases scattered across the map. Same goes with scopes, sights, handguards, lasers, flashlights, the list goes on.

There are currently 5 maps in total you can play on. The main maps include:

Seaboard, a map which has multiple facilities, a village, a large military base, a 5.11 store, a large cult presence, and a lighthouse, all situated in Odessa, Ukraine. All ranges mix, indoor and outdoor combat.

Metro, a subway station with a Jewelry store, Food Court, 5.11 store, a bank, multiple bathrooms, an office, an office turned into a Hospital, and a train station. (The old Market has been incorporated into Metro, and there is a tunnel that leads to this area).

Canada, Nunavut, a sniping map with a transport facility, a radio station, and a military camp, along with several scattered vehicles around the map, making for amazing yet intense sniper fights from the way. This map features an extensive underground area, leading to labs. One contains a blood splattered window, knife, and other signs of a struggle. No body can be found. Many doors across all of these facilities are in lockdown mode. Another room contains a large train hub, with paths leading out and some kind of mini black hole-like orb floating out of reach. Shooting the orb has no effect. The most interesting and lore-important section is the reactor core, of which the heat shield has destabilized. The reactor and radioactive blue liquid found on the floor throughout the facility do not cause damage or radiation poisoning. The room contains info on the facilities status, as well as the name of the facilities operator.

There are 2 minor maps that are being built as a completely different branch. These maps are based off Deadzone, but currently use the SOA engine. Deadzone Remastered will include these maps, and this game will receive the updates that SOA gets. All Deadzone maps currently have test crates that spawn both rare and common loot inside, medical containers that spawn all types of medical items, and food/water containers, which are currently labeled as fridges. These crates will eventually have loot replaced with Deadzone-style gear. It will eventually become it's own separate game.

These maps include:

Alaska: A large map with cliffs surrounding a valley. You are able to get onto these cliffs to snipe people from above. There is a large airfield with a large amount of loot within the towers, hangars, and some at the plane wrecks. There are also large urban areas for Close Quarters combat. There is also a more minor airfield within a snowy area, a large farm with a ramp to take you up to the cliffs, and multiple military outposts.

Texas: A map that is pretty much everything in one. There is a main area with buildings and a central city. There are multiple tunnels scattered around the map: 1 to the north, 3 to the south. The north tunnel will take you to the airfield, with much larger hangars than the ones in Alaska, a large tower, and a smaller tower. The left and right tunnels, if you keep going down them, will eventually meet to the middle, where the 2nd tunnel to the city is. On the left tunnel, you may find a very red tunnel that takes you to "Hell", which has good loot. There is also a giant ravine, a desert with a radio tower encased in a pyramid and a outpost, and a snowy area with a prison and small down. Texas is packed to the brim with everything and anything.


State of Anarchy is set in an alternate present-day universe, when the world entered a state of anarchy which caused chaos and disorder within society. The reason for the world's troubles is unknown, but multiple places around the world soon became war-zones with its citizens scavenging for loot and fighting against each other.

It is hinted in the maps that military and law enforcement is non existent, shown by the many empty and desolate military outposts and areas in the game, there are no signs of any type of life other than kill hungry civilians. No one can be trusted, as you could either hunt or be hunted.

No accurate timeline can be given to the evacuation of the facilities or the release of what may have been contained inside. We can only assume that they were evacuated simultaneously, except perhaps for one room in Nunavut, Canada, a small office block with coffee still steaming hot, light shining through a man-made and intentional gap in the wall, and a strange ambience that is loudest when up against the wall.
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The Wiki

This was a project started up by "Zachery" with help from many others, The goal of this wiki is to educate players of State of Anarchy on the weapons, items, and mechanics of the game. Please feel free to add missing information to the wiki and remember to order things alphabetically (if it starts with a number then it goes first and is ordered numerically ex: 74 is before 103, 47 before 74, etc.)

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